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Zhejiang Jinteng Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd through more than twenty years development,has already become the biggest specialized in manufacturing the screws and cylinders of plastics machine manufacturer.

The company has equipped advanced technology and equipment for processing, test, as well as extended experience for design and high-level management.

Since recent years, the company has been named as a Famous Trademark, a Unit of Honoring Contract and Keeping Credit, a Consumer Trustworthy Unit, a Brilliance Star by Zhoushan City's Industry&Commercial Bureau and AA Credit Enterpise named by Agricultural Bank of China. 

The company besides provides necessary for the domestic and foreign entire machine factories, but also continues the fragmentary customer incoming letter processing with provided samples service, and may assist to carry on the mapping, the design. This company whole heartedly provides the best product and the service for the user communities, welcome the new and old customer to inquire!

The screw and barrel made by our company is widely suitable for domestically produced, import 30-25000gram casting machine, Diameter 15-300mm single screw rod extruding machine, Diameter 45/100-92/188mm cone-shape, Diameter 45/2~150/2mm paralled double screw rod extruding machine and each kind of rubber machinery, loom. The product through the craft fine manufcture such as quenching and tempering, qualitative, the nitriding, fine or spurts the brazing metal(bimetal), polishing and so on.
We refers to ISO9001 international quality control system strictly, so enables the product to achieve the international level standard.